Ah.. The saying that you need to make friends with good people. Adults say this all the time when you’re young.Teachers, neighborhood adults, mom and dad.. They all say the same thing.

To make good friends.Honestly, that one saying is 100% correct. You know how adults say lots about the future and warning you about things, but friends.. You really need good friends.And when they say that, it’s not so much about avoiding bad friends who lie, steal, cheat, and betray you..But it’s more about meeting good friends. Meaning friends who will stay by your side when you are struggling and nobody is supporting you.

Who will do that and still know to be honest with you about your faults. You need lots of these friends, and if you don’t have friends like this,then no matter how many people you know or connections you have, you will ultimately end up lonely.


 Tablo on dreaming radio 140707  


(via abcd-epik)

(via abcd-epik)

"If the police are role models for the righteous,
why does justice depend on guns and nightsticks?"

Tablo (Lesson 1)

Special : YG FAMILY’s Second Cover Project, ‘TABLO X TAEYANG’


Original Interview Here

Q: Tablo, where did you get your inspiration for this cover project?
A: As you can see with the verse “with your pretty red lips, hurry kill me and go,” I felt that this song had a dark and violent feel, rather than a light/superficial one. I was attracted to that aspect of the song, so I expressed it in my own way through my reinterpretation.

Q: What would you say is the main ”point” of your cover?
A: It’s like the ugly, younger twin of the original song?

Q: It has such a new feel it’s like an original piece. We can feel so much of your hard work/effort.
A: I worked as though I was writing an original song. I wrote new lyrics and made a new hook, DJ Tukutz created a track that was darker and different from the original, and Taeyang sang the original bridge and climax, but with a new feel. I wanted to give the fans a gift that would feel like a welcoming surprise. Plus, it’s not like we’re the type of people to do a typical cover song anyway.

Q: Favorite verse from the lyrics?
A: “They say time flies, but you keep breakin’ its wings.”

Q: What thoughts did you have about Taeyang as an artist while working with him for his album RISE?
A: I think the most fitting word is ‘real/genuine.’

Q: What song do you recommend from Taeyang’s album RISE, and why?
A: “Rise,” “Let Go,” and “Love You To Death.” You know the reason why…

Q: When can we see Epik High’s next album, or your solo album?
A: Epik High’s 8th album is under completion. We will meet again when the time is right.

trans: yvonne@icaruswalks.com


Tablo @ instagram : I’m always somewhere between peace and strife. And I love it. icaruswalksnet:

Tablo @ instagram : I’m always somewhere between peace and strife. And I love it.


Tablo @ instagram : I’m always somewhere between peace and strife. And I love it.

korean - english translators needed


We’re still in much need of willing,active korean-english translators , especially with the rise of Tablo’s activities and the nearing of a comeback.
If you wish to help please email icaruswalksnet@gmail.com !!! 
please don’t have a ” someone else will do it”  mindframe because that doesn’t happen in majority of cases. 

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"When I went through the TaJinYo incident, I experienced extreme loneliness. There weren’t many people by my side. There were definitely people supporting me in silence, but those who spoke up were few. The people who had so loudly showcased our friendship rejected my hand for help while taking notice of the public. The first company who ignored such opinions and first reached out their hand to me was YG."

Tablo about signing with YG | HipHopLe interview [trans: akdong@icaruswalks.com]